Best forex affiliate programs: What to look for

September 15, 2021
IronFX Affiliate-Team

To start with, forex affiliation refers to a third-party marketing where an affiliate refers traders to a specific broker. In other words, forex affiliate programs are based around referrals of clients to online forex brokers. The affiliate network connects the affiliate with the merchant based on a CPA or revenue scheme. Referrals occur through a number of different ways, including banner advertising, website marketing or other promotional means.

There is a lot of information online about what a good affiliate program looks like. However, it is a matter of perspective as well.

Taking the affiliate’s perspective, this article is going to help you by sharing several qualities you should look for when you’re choosing which affiliate program you want to work with for the long-term. There will also be a short description of the well-established IronFX affiliate program. 

What makes an excellent affiliate program?

Below are a few qualities to look for in an affiliate program you choose to work with in the long-term.

  1. Consistency

  2. A good affiliate program needs to be consistent. Check whether the broker has a blog or social media channels and whether they are consistent in updating them.

  3. Organisation

  4. Look for a well-organised and educated program in terms of how they present their content and promotional material. For example, they should know how to manage different types of content for your promotional purposes.

  5. Team spirit

  6. Affiliates and brokers need to work well together as both are actively involved in the process and have mutual interests. They depend on each other for both promotion and revenue respectively.

  7. Learning will

  8. Go for the broker which is open and willing to learn. Look for the ones who are open to new ideas and methods. They should also be actively learning and implementing new methods.

  9. Patience

  10. Patience is key in affiliate marketing as some campaigns may not immediately show results. Therefore, if an affiliate doesn’t bring traffic right away, the broker needs to stick with them for a little while. Some methods require more time than others.

  11. Creativity

  12. Find a creative affiliate program that works outside of the box and whose methods are up to date with market trends.

Deciding on the right affiliate program

There are usually some common questions to ask yourself before choosing an affiliate program to work with. Some of these are:

  • Is the affiliate reliable and reputable?
  • Do their products match your niche?
  • Is their conversion rate decent?
  • Do they offer valuable tools and material?
  • Do you agree with their terms and conditions?Do you agree with their terms and conditions?

Joining the IronFX Affiliate Program

Any affiliate program can take the form of a long and time-consuming operation or can be short depending on the level of effort you put into this. The IronFX Affiliate program represents a way of enhancing your forex trading experience in multiple ways.

Should you become an IronFX affiliate you’ll see that affiliate marketing can generate revenue:

  • 40% conversion rate
  • Rebates up to $15 per lot
  • 30% commission & $1,000 signup bonus*
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • 6 payout plans
  • Dedicated media studio & marketing tools

*Terms & Conditions Apply

The broker also offers personalised and branded merchandise and content including banners, videos, presentations, brochures, landing pages and more as well as bespoke research material such as fundamental and technical analysis, video commentary, market outlooks and event teasers.

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