How CPA forex networks work

September 16, 2021
IronFX Affiliate-Team

The CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) forex network is a straightforward concept when correctly understood. This article breaks it down into how it works and who participates in this:

  1. Affiliate Marketer: This the person, either an influencer, blogger, brand or business that advertises a brand’s product to their website or blog in order to drive traffic and earn commission.

  2. Business/Merchant: This is the company, or brand that looks for a partnership with an affiliate marketer so as to benefit from their network and increase their own client base and sales.

  3. CPA Forex Network: This is the platform or forex affiliate program that connects the affiliate with businesses and is designed to mutually reward both parties.

To put this into practice, once the agreement is made between all parties, the affiliate shows an ad for the merchant’s products on their website/blog. This can be done both within a text or as a banner. Loads of marketing material are usually provided by the affiliate program. Then, the affiliate should get their clients to click on the ad or link to send them to the merchant’s site. This happens via specific affiliate links that help the brand track where their traffic came from.

What happens next is that the client completes a purchase or opens an account with the broker. The CPA affiliate network tracks the purchase and details of transaction and confirms it as a valid sale. The transaction is then credited to the affiliate who gets paid their commission.

What is CPA marketing?

CPA is a term that refers to the net cost in acquiring one customer. However, Affiliate CPA forex networks are one of the ways to profit off forex without actively trading the financial markets. Forex affiliate programs are famous business networks found online and involve acquiring more and more clients through an affiliate marketer in return for compensation. This kind of compensation, the CPA, is provided when a client, referred by the affiliate, registers an account or makes a deposit. The industry standard commission is $150-$250 per client and changes accordingly depending on the size of the deposit.

Understanding Forex affiliate CPA

Forex CPA networks are, therefore, a mutual agreement between a company, which is usually a broker, and an individual, the affiliate, who brings more customers to the company and gets rewarded for it under pre-determined conditions. The company, on the other hand, benefits from the increased trading volume and customer base which are a result of the referrals’ deposits and registrations.

Benefits of affiliate CPA

The biggest advantage of CPA networks is that affiliate marketers do not have to spend time waiting for clients to deposit and trade until they get rewarded, because CPA affiliates get paid automatically once their referral makes an action. Therefore, CPA marketing results in fast and easy affiliate income.

Final thoughts

Although affiliate marketing is similar across all markets, each has its own unique particularities. It is also important to note that unlike forex trading, affiliate marketing doesn’t require specific knowledge or experience but rather some understanding and good will. 

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