How to Promote Forex Affiliate Business Through Instagram in 2021

October 22, 2021
IronFX Affiliate team

With the development of technology, Social Media platforms like Instagram, are an efficient way to advertise your forex trading brokerage firm or affiliate business. People do not just use Instagram for fashion or food. Instead, there are numerous technology fans waiting in line to be approached, making Instagram a great tool for affiliate marketing.

Nearly 300 million users worldwide actively use Instagram daily. Instead of spending hours simply scrolling through Instagram, which is what most people nowadays do, you can utilize that time to your advantage. How? It’s simple! By growing your forex affiliate revenue. Instagram affiliate marketing has never been more effective!

Use Instagram to boost your affiliate marketing business

You can use Instagram to promote your forex affiliate links by simply making them available out there and by making people click on them through free posts or paid ads. As a result, you can drive more traffic online to those links.

Instagram is also a place where you can interact with possible clients and referrals by creating a more personal environment and experience for your followers.

You can create an Instagram page full of concise forex trading-related content. You can also engage with other similar accounts. You should be able to build solid relationships, engage in conversations, make your page stand out based on its value and authenticity, and boost conversion rate which will eventually lead to great commissions. 

Build your profile and provide concise content

The first thing to do is identify your niche. Narrow down your choices based on what you can handle. Is it going to be forex education, trading indicators, or something else? Choose one and focus on it. Your bio should perfectly indicate your niche in order for clients to know what you do. They should also know what you want them to do so your purpose should be clear. For example, you should say: “Click here to learn everything about forex”. Make sure that your bio is SEO optimized and don’t forget to include links, besides your affiliate links, that direct to your website or blog.

Once you’ve identified your niche you will need to identify your goals as well. Will it be new followers or more referrals?

The next step is to offer appealing and engaging content. You do not only need to appear on other users’ feeds. You will need people to be involved, participate and engage with your content. Valuable and concise content can do exactly this. Try to go with content that offers solutions to problems. This is something that people are interested in. How-to videos are also an effective way to attract people as well as tips on forex strategies. Try to make it personal. Talk about what you like. Give options and updates on the latest trends, apps, or platforms.

Finally, use quality and branded hashtags. Non-followers should be able to find you through these. Try to use relevant hashtags. For instance, if your post is about a trading school you should write something like “#forexeducation” or find some high-performing hashtags based on your content or what your competitors are doing.

Promote your affiliate marketing business

To build a successful Instagram affiliate marketing business, you will need to grab people’s attention. Join discussions, comments on other posts and try to be visible. Your forex affiliate marketing brand should be easily found as well. Therefore, branding is your go-to strategy. Always attach your logo or the name of your company to the banners and images you post. This will ensure that nobody else claims it.

Once you’ve written your content you will need to remain active. Reply to your followers’ comments and messages, react to their content, and show that you are a real person. This way, they will trust you more.

Keep in mind that Instagram stories are a good source of engagement, as you will be able to promote your forex affiliate business using hyperlinks after having more than 10K followers.

Last but not least, you can always generate more interest and gain more followers through contests or giveaways. Make sure that you use your Facebook and Twitter account as well to post unique content. Ensure that all content is compliant with regulatory rules in your jurisdiction. Moreover, you can work with other accounts in the same field to co-create content or ask for shoutouts on their posts.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a modern and useful source to boost online traffic and increase conversion rates and commissions. Building a solid and successful business on Instagram requires lots of patience and effort. Spend some time to grow your brand and you will enjoy the result in the long term.

Disclaimer: This information is not considered as investment advice or an investment recommendation, but is instead a marketing communication