How a Digital Coupon Works in Affiliate Marketing

septiembre 21, 2021
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A coupon, also known as a discount code, is a special deal or a promo code made up of a series of digits or letters. Many companies use coupons to urge clients to buy their products or services. These codes are usually part of their business’s promotional and marketing plan and are mainly used as strategies to drive and boost the volume of their sales.

Affiliate digital coupons are very popular amongst affiliate marketers who can leverage their power to attract consumers’ attention to the product. The codes are actually a direct incentive for them and once properly applied they can bring a higher conversion rate.

This article analyses the types of digital coupons as well as how they can be used effectively in affiliate marketing.

Different types of affiliate coupons

Quantity Codes

This type enables you to play around with different alterations. For example, buy more than 3 of a certain product and get 50% off on your next purchase.

Limited & Free Shipping Offers

This type of offer contains some restrictions. For example, if you trade $1000 or more you get a 20% bonus on the next trade.

Special Occasions Offers

These coupons refer to special events or bank holidays like Black Friday, New Year and more.

Free Product Offer

This coupon can be considered part of the freemium business model. For example, buy 2 products and get the other free.

How can affiliate marketing benefit from coupons?

Digital coupons can be a successful strategy as they provide an easy solution to getting discounts without having to physically visit a place on a specific day. Affiliate coupons do also save clients’ money. It is true that some people only look for discount codes right before they complete their purchase. They save things in their basket and before paying they quickly check whether there are any available codes to help them save money. What is important here is that, they would complete the purchase whether they had the code or not. If, however, they do find a coupon, they would gladly use it. If that coupon comes from one of your affiliate marketers, they will receive a commission, and you as a company will make a sale.

These are some of the reasons that make this strategy valuable. When a coupon attracts people to your products the conversion rates resulting from it can be high. In 2019, 31 billion digital coupons around the globe were redeemed online.

Besides this, coupons are a way to test new products and services. As buying something new that you don’t know much about can be quite risky, a discount is more likely to make people take their chances.

How to create attractive affiliate marketing coupons?

As already mentioned, coupons offer immediate value to possible customers and increase conversion rates. Below are some useful tips to follow to create appealing coupons: 

Use a simple design – if your graphic is complex, clients may skip it and move to something else.

Write a positive description – you can offer customers a little more information on why to use the coupon and try out the product.

Use a well-designed landing page/CTA – your platform will be the extension of your coupon, so if you have a well-designed LP with a CTA that stands out, it is more likely that clients will use it.

Engage users – you can urge clients to learn more about the offer/product through social media. The more involved they are the more likely will be for them to engage with the coupon.

Disclaimer: This information is not considered as investment advice or an investment recommendation, but is instead a marketing communication