How to Make Money as a Forex Affiliate

noviembre 26, 2021
Equipo de afiliados de IronFX

Forex affiliate partnerships can turn out to be profitable businesses within the affiliate marketing industry. If you think you have the skills to become a forex affiliate marketer, it is possible to generate high monthly commissions, as long as you partner with a reliable broker and a trusted affiliate program that offers high returns.

This is the first and most important step in a successful affiliate marketing business. Choosing a broker that does not hold all relevant licenses or does not comply with all the relevant rules and regulations could jeopardise your creditability and reputation as an affiliate and prevent you from attracting more and more clients, hence commission.

Read on to find out some steps to follow to help you start earning revenue in the forex affiliate market by exploiting all your marketing efforts.

Choose the appropriate commission plan

One of the key steps in building and maintaining a successful affiliate business is choosing an affiliate program that offers full affiliate support. This includes tailored marketing material and tools like an advanced tracking system as well as dedicated account manager support.

The kind of support that you will receive should also familiarise you with the various types of commission plans that exist and help you choose one based on your goals, expectations and your business needs. The type of commission you will choose such as CPA, RevShare or Hybrid will eventually determine how lucrative your business will be.

Partner with an innovative forex CFD affiliate program

As already mentioned, affiliate programs should be able to provide you with a variety of both marketing and affiliate material including banners, widgets, landing pages, or any other customised marketing material. Affiliate partners can then take full advantage of these and use them on their platform to promote the target product and attract more clients.

Longer term and sustainable affiliate success will also be determined by how up to date the affiliate program you are partnering with is. For instance, the program should be able to provide a very long list of tradable instruments, a variety of trading accounts to choose from, the latest trading platforms and state-of-the-art trading and educational tools like, TradeCopier, Trading School, Blog and more.

This way, the affiliate program will cater for the needs of all clients, meaning that the more satisfied your clients are the more likely it is for them to sign up, start trading and bring you a commission.

Research intensively, understand your audience and provide concise content

Another important step is understanding your target audience and creating concise content for them. You need to ensure that the content you use on your platform is eye-catching and of some value to them. To achieve this and to create a solid strategy, you need to understand their needs. 

Below are a few easy tips on how to attract more clients:

  1. Focus on a specific group. For example, target CFD trading and use content related to CFD trading.
  2. Create content that engages clients. Blog posts are an SEO optimised and credible solution.
  3. Post content on external sources. This way, you can drive online traffic and boost sales.

Be active on Social Media

Last but not least, a forex affiliate makes money by enhancing their online visibility. Google, for instance, is a major source you should get exposed to as this is the first place people will search to find you. Paid ads are another useful way to attract clients.

Additionally, you can remain actively engaged on Social Media, like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Almost everyone uses Social Media nowadays so just a simple share of your content might be enough to catch your leads’ attention and make them convert. 

Disclaimer: This information is not considered as investment advice or an investment recommendation, but is instead a marketing communication