How to become an affiliate marketer: Full Guide

Abril 13, 2021
IronFX Affiliate team

Becoming an affiliate marketer involves knowing where to start. Finding appropriate partners and high commission affiliate programs. Any consistent and profitable affiliate marketing job requires a great deal of hard work beforehand. The IronFX affiliate program offers a step-by-step guide as a solid foundation for you to achieve all of the above and start out as an affiliate.

Step 1: Choose your Niche

Initially, the first step of your training to become an affiliate marketer will involve determining which affiliate products to sell. All affiliate marketers should determine their niche in which they will eventually try to lead their audience. Focusing on more than one niches though could be risky as your efforts may turn out to be ineffective.

You should determine your niche by asking yourself questions such as:

  • What do I like doing?
  • Are people interested in my niche?
  • Will interest in this niche remain high?
  • Is it a competitive niche?
  • Are there any existing affiliate programs within this niche?

Your niche will eventually determine how profitable your affiliate marketing efforts will be. There are tools like Google Trends that can help you answer some of the questions above, such as demand for a product, by telling you how often users search for it.

Next step is for you to find the affiliate program you will partner with and that will give you the products to sell.

Step 2: Affiliate Programs

Having selected your niche, next step for you is to find an affiliate program to partner with and promote products in your niche. Affiliate programs can act as the middleman between merchants and affiliates.

You will need to ask yourself questions like ‘How much commission you will probably make?’ or ‘What kind of support will you get from this program?’. For example, if you are interested in forex, try to find the best forex affiliate program out there and see if it is suitable for your niche and audience. The affiliate program you choose will eventually determine how profitable your partnership will be.

Step 3: Create your Platform

After deep research, you will have to put everything into action and create your own platform. Website blogs or marketplaces and paid ads are the two most popular ones.

There are many benefits in having a website including acting as a resume builder for future affiliate marketing jobs. You can choose among various website builders to create your own. WordPress is one of the most popular ones. Your goal should always be to rank your site high in search results.

Step 4: Create Concise Content

There are numerous types of content you can create to be regarded as a trusted and valuable affiliate marketer. These include:

  1. Products reviews
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Guides

As commonly known, ‘content is king’. You can create simple content but how you eventually deliver value depends on you.

Step 5: Create Ad Account

Ads are a good marketing method to follow besides website creation. You can direct people to your partner’s site through paid ads. To do this, you need to create an account. This means you will need to make use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

While the type of ad you create and advertise largely depends on your niche, the aim is to create something that is persuasive and interesting. This will be the final crucial step in mastering how to become an affiliate marketer.

Final Thoughts

Finding the most appropriate merchants to partner with, high commission affiliate programs and profitable affiliate marketing jobs will be determined by the steps outlined above.

You will need to make use of the best strategies to be appealing to the particular audience and build a relationship with them.

Irrespective of your approach, the steps in this article are a helpful guide which will help make your affiliate marketer journey as easier as possible in the long term.

Disclaimer: This information is not considered as investment advice or an investment recommendation, but is instead a marketing communication