How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Maio 14, 2021
IronFX Affiliate team

Can somebody really make money online with affiliate marketing? This actually needs to be answered first before heading over into how to do so. The short answer to this question is yes. One can earn extra money or even have a full-time income with affiliate programs. Success though comes from correct and consistent work and not so much from what you do to make profit. Once you have everything in place, the earnings you receive might be limitless.

However, the results of successful affiliate marketing do not show up right away but rather in the long term. Therefore, you will need to put in some hard work and be patient. If you put your heart in it, then both earnings and satisfaction will eventually come.

What you need to make money with affiliate marketing

There are two basic things you will need to make money online with affiliate marketing.

  1. Website/Blog around your niche
  2. Affiliate products to advertise

Having your own website or blog will be the means of placing the affiliate link which will eventually determine the commission you will earn. If you join an affiliate program, choosing the products to promote will be easier.    

Steps to making money with affiliate marketing

Once you have both of the above, it is time to monetise your site.

  1. Create concise content

  2. This step is vital as you should not put random content on your website and insert some internal links but rather make sure that your content reaches your target audience. As an affiliate marketer you should make sure that your audience finds all relevant information regarding the target product. To achieve this, you will need to use specific keywords which the audience would otherwise use to search for more information on Google.

  3. Promote the products in the content

  4. Once you are all set with your keyword research, it is time to insert affiliate links in your content depending on your content type. There are some useful tips to follow when inserting links. Firstly, you should only put them where it fits your content. Secondly, try putting them at the top of your content and thirdly, use other techniques to promote products such as floating banners, sidebars or inline banners.

  5. Turn clients from visitors to affiliate customers

  6. You do not need to increase your website’s traffic but rather increase the number of people visiting the product’s site and consequently increase the number of them actually buying the product. You can do this by making use of conversion optimising campaigns like a Popup campaign, or targeting the right time to display your campaign.

    You can also optimise your existing traffic by spotting the campaign (content) that is more appealing to your clients. You can then work on that instead of blindly creating new campaigns.

  7. Use an Email list

  8. This involves sending automated campaigns to your clients with affiliate links embedded in them. Email marketing campaigns are very useful in affiliate marketing. Besides, this list will be full of people who have already shown interest in your niche and have already engaged with your content. You can use methods that you used in other conversion campaigns such as popups, floating bars and much more.

    Like any other field, profiting off affiliate marketing will take some time. If this is not a hobby but a full-time for you then earning will come faster. However, you need to learn fast, be intuitive, and patient.

Disclaimer: This information is not considered as investment advice or an investment recommendation, but is instead a marketing communication